Join the ART FOR ALL Screening Tour

Host a screening of this extraordinary story by an ordinary couple, a postal worker and librarian who amassed a world-class art collection on their modest salaries, and then gave it all away--donating fifty works of art to one museum in each American state, for a total of 2,500 works.

The ART FOR ALL SCREENING TOUR is a community arts initiative that encourages curators, educators, artists and art lovers everywhere to use the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel to:

  • Spark discussion about how to make contemporary art more accessible
  • Encourage everyone—no matter their means—to be a patron of the arts
  • Explore cultural ideas about what makes an artist successful


You will:
  • Choose a date and venue for a screening.
  • Email us at to get a screening application.
  • Submit your application and make your licensing payment.
  • Promote your screening!

In exchange for your licensing fee, hosting organizations receive:

  • A DVD or Blu-Ray for your screening. (To be returned to us when your screening is over.)
  • Publicity and promotional materials.
  • The copyright permissions necessary to use the film in a public or campus screening.
  • Publicity via the HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 website and social media platforms.

Questions? Email us at!