How To Find A Composer For Your Film. You’ll Never Guess.

By Kiki Murai

For those of you who enjoy the music in the film HERB & DOROTHY, we have great news today!

Film composer David Majzlin‘s music will be available to YOU this week.  Thanks to his tremendous generosity, we will be offering the entire HERB & DOROTHY soundtrack for download as a REWARD for our Kickstarter campaign!   (Click here to listen to the music.)

I asked Director Megumi how she and the composer first met.  Her answer shocked me.  I hope you’re sitting down for this.

Would you believe…Craigslist?

It’s 100% true.  For those of you who’ve been following the odyssey of HERB & DOROTHY, you may have read that HERB & DOROTHY was Megumi’s first feature film, that she had been a journalist her entire career and had never imagined herself to be a filmmaker.

Naturally, she didn’t have a composing team by her side.

Megumi always says, “There’s nothing glamorous about filmmaking!” and by that, she means this.  (Though the final product is beautifully enriching, today we’ll just keep the focus on the day-to-day challenges in the world of filmmaking.)

Her Craigslist ad read something like this:


Documentary film featuring unique art collector couple in NYC needs original music to depict story and minimalist/conceptual art collection.  Feature-length film is targeting worldwide theatrical release.  We are searching for music with similar feel to Philip Glass or Steve Reich.  Please send sampler CD and resume/brief bio to following address as soon as possible…

Megumi received a flood of emails and hundreds of samples from composers and musicians around the world, and her Brooklyn apartment began filling up with CDs.

First, she narrowed her choices down to people who were available to work in the New York Metropolitan area, to be able to collaborate closely with the editor during what would become a grueling schedule of edits.

That cut the list down to about 20.  Megumi listened and listened to the music, much like Herb and Dorothy looked and looked when collecting art.

Finally down to 5 composers, Megumi asked each artist to meet her and the team in person, and add music to the first scene in the film.

And the rest, they say, is David Majzlin.  For this film, it most certainly was.

Fans of the first film, do not worry about a thing.  You will be happy to know that David will be composing music to the second film as well!

So join us HERE, of course.  (We have to say that – because we need to reach our goal!)   And keep tweeting, Facebook-ing, and shouting on street corners about our campaign.  We’ve fallen behind in the campaign and need your help now more than ever.

Thank you for being there with us!


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