A Little Fish Bone Stuck in My Throat

Dear Friends and Families of HERB & DOROTHY,

First, THANK YOU for all of your support in our Kickstarter campaign!  We could never have reached the 20% mark in two weeks, without your generous support.  I thought we launched our campaign just two blinks ago, and we’re now entering the 3rd week?!

I want to be quite honest with you today.   The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster with several sleepless nights.  One day I’m ecstatic, so full of joy and appreciation.  And the next day, I feel down and full of anxiety & despair.  One day, the glass looks half full and next day half empty.   I’m not sure if we’re doing good enough, are we?  Will we make it?

Another dilemma I’ve been fighting against is this.  I think about the spirit of Herb & Dorothy, who never sold a piece of work to profit from art.  The gift to all 50 museums is such a generous and pure act of giving.  But here I am, asking for money to the artists in their collection, 50X50 recipient museums, Herb & Dorothy’s friends and families….Is it OK to do that?  I wonder if I am poisoning the purity of this gift project?

I’ve been trying to justify this to myself:  filmmaking is such a costly operation. Without asking for help, there’s no way I can finish the film.  When one artist told me, “My relationship with Herb & Dorothy is too personal. I don’t want to associate art and fundraising,” I completely understood.  But it hurt.  Just like an old Japanese saying, it’s been hurting like a little fish bone stuck in the throat. It’s not unbearable, but it still bothers me.

However, when I see a pledge come in from Herb & Dorothy’s friends & families, many of their artists, my friends here in the U.S., in Tokyo, my high school classmates in Sapporo, Japan, and many of YOU whom I haven’t even met, I feel myself fill with love.  My heart warms up.  And I know this is my destiny.  I know I have to do the ASK, whether I like it or not.  Because I believe that someone has to complete their life story to pass on to future generations, and right now that “someone” is me.

Dear supporters, please stay with us through the journey.  We still have a very long way to go.  Your standing by me, reminding me through your love and generosity that there’s no way going back, is just what I need.  We have no choice but to reach this goal.

With LOVE and thanks,


P.S.  A dedicated and passionate staff member, Kiki, will be sending you updates and blog posts when I am not around.  Look for her lovely messages in the coming weeks!


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