Nothing Can Stop Us – Or Japan

by KiKi

New York City as seen from Herb & Dorothy Headquarters in Brooklyn


Over the weekend, besides the heaping amount of October snow in New York City, we received a tremendous amount of support from our friends in Japan.

Megumi being Japanese, of course, there’s a swelling sense of pride felt by the Japanese people that one of their own has created a touching English-language film like HERB & DOROTHY, adored by fans around the world, receiving award after award.  Many Japanese dream of expressing themselves outside of their country, and Megumi serves as an inspiration, an example of what’s possible if you fully commit yourself to your dream.

Today however, we’re especially moved by the outpour of love and support from Japan, for we all watched in horror as the earthquake, tsunami and reactor accident crippled the nation in March (and still continues today).  Our close friends, relatives, co-workers, students, and peers in Japan are trying to rebuild the economy, the lost cities, their lives, their morale.

Frankly, art is likely one of the last things on the minds of the Japanese, and yet, they have so generously given to our Kickstarter campaignHERB & DOROTHY is a widely loved documentary in Japan, and many, many people are wishing and waiting for the follow-up.

This past March, “hope” was temporarily lost, and in the seven months since is slowly being reborn through, to name a few things, art and connection.  There’s no doubt that Herb and Dorothy Vogel have touched a deep chord in the Japanese people, and the Japanese want to give back through this campaign.

We’re so grateful for each and every pledge that comes in, not just from Japan but all over the world.  We see each of your names, and wonder where you are and how you must have felt as you decided to support us.  And we’re touched.

We thank you deeply, and know that we can, in these final 5 days, reach our goal!

Thank you so much, from all of us at Herb & Dorothy Headquarters.

It’ll all be over this weekend.  Let’s give this all we have!

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