Interview With Megumi on Art Aligned

by kiki

With just 9 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, we’re both anxious and grateful.

Anxious about reaching our goal of $55,000 (we’re currently at $35,921), as we really don’t want to disappoint those who have supported us.  And grateful, of course, for every hard-earned dollar that is being offered to our cause.

Everyday we say to all of you…Thank you.

Today, we’d like to share a post published over at the heartful Art Aligned, where the wonderful Kate Watson interviews Megumi about HERB & DOROTHY, and about this campaign.

We hope you’ll go over for a read, as Kate truly is the epitome of generosity.  Every post, every tweet, every Facebook message is one real person showing us their passion.

And with that, we’re moved to continue on.

Just 9 days left!  We can do this together.

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