Following Your Passion In Difficult Times

(This post was written by Kiki Murai, Associate Producer of HERB & DOROTHY)

The front page of the Sunday Review in the New York Times this past week read:  “Why American workers are so unhappy”, “Maxing out on work hours as wages slip” and “No new jobs. Now what?”


We are so obviously living in troubled times, these words don’t faze us anymore.  Many of us go on seeing (and ignoring) these words, but it is the rare brave soul that actually does anything to change his/her outlook.

To sit and complain without lifting a finger is easy, and when the world joins you in a chorus of unhappiness, it becomes all the more comforting.  But deep down, many of us yearn to break free.  To actually (gasp!) live a life full of passion, to let our hearts and not our bills, do the talking.

Maybe that is why so many people have responded to HERB & DOROTHY with the fervor that they have.

We want to believe we all have the passion, though it seems to have gotten away from us.  Herb and Dorothy have reminded us…your passion’s still there.  Uncover it.

They are special, Herb and Dorothy are.  The story is not “extraordinary” because Herb was a postal worker and Dorothy a librarian, or because they’ve built a magnificent art collection.  They would have created an extraordinary life together, no matter what their occupation, residential status, or era (every era is difficult – surprisingly).

Herb and Dorothy are special, and we envy them because they’ve lived according to their own standards, their own rules.  They created their life.

And they remind us of the power we have in ourselves to change the way we live, act, feel.

So, why not find the thing that moves you today, and then, follow it?  If you’re in the U.S., you can spend this holiday lamenting the end of summer and agonizing about the work (or school) week that begins tomorrow, or you might take one small actionto bring some passion into your life:

Some suggestions?  Sure.

1.  Immerse yourself in something you feel is great fun.
2.  Watch HERB & DOROTHY on Netflix.
3.  Share your thoughts and feelings here.  Let’s discuss passion.
4.  Go out and look for art.  Whatever moves you.  A magnificent tree, an ocean wave, your child laughing, your partner’s touch.
5.  Call someone you love.
6.  Use your hard-earned money for one small thing that fills your heart.  A notebook to fill with dreams.  An international Skype call.  A donation to your favorite museum.
7.  A cup of coffee from the place that serves you with a smile.
8.  A subway ride to a neighborhood you’ve never explored before.

There’s so much you can do.  We hope you take the chance to enjoy a bit of yourself today.  We sure will (try)!

See you again on Wednesday, when we (finally) kick off our Kickstarter Campaign.

Have a beautiful day!


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