We Need Pledges

Hello lovely supporters!

Today, we’re cutting straight to the chase.  As you can see, we’re down to our final 12 days on our Kickstarter campaign, and at $29,484, we’re still hovering just above 50% of our goal.

We really need to pick up the pace now.

But how do we do that?  Admittedly, we’re getting nervous over here, so imagine our joy when a passionate backer offered this generous suggestion last week.  (Some of you may have already seen it in our comments section.)

We were so moved, we had to share it with you.

She wrote:

“Hi fellow backers – I have an idea! With just 15 (edit: 12) days to go, let’s all work together to ensure this wonderful film becomes a reality. If we all double our donations — which, for many of us, means moving from $10 to $20 or $50 to $100 — Megumi will meet and surpass her goal. C’mon, let’s do this thing! It’s a small, individual step to make a major, collective difference. With love & blessings…”

Thank you so much, Kate.

Of course, we’re so appreciative of what our backers have already pledged, and understand if doubling is not an option.  Instead, we would love it if you could reach out to 5 people in your close circle and ask them to make a pledge – and ask them not to wait until the last minute.  Remember, every backer counts.

We’re going to continue reaching out to all of the communities we can think of, but we see now that spreading the word alone is no longer enough.

We need pledges.

So, amazing Herb & Dorothy community, will you help us?  We have 12 days to make this happen.

Let’s DO the impossible.  Imagine how we’ll feel when we pass the finish line together!

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Team Herb & Dorothy

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