A Generous Backer

by kiki

Herb and Dorothy are examples of generosity, and through them we learn how much generosity we have in our own hearts.  The Vogels remind us of the potential we all possess, if we all just opened up and allowed it.

Today, on our Kickstarter site, an incredibly generous backer and heartfelt supporter posted the following comment:

“Hi fellow backers – I have an idea! With just 15 days to go, let’s all work together to ensure this wonderful film becomes a reality. If we all double our donations — which, for many of us, means moving from $10 to $20 or $50 to $100 — Megumi will meet and surpass her goal. C’mon, let’s do this thing! It’s a small, individual step to make a major, collective difference. With love & blessings…”

We were so moved by this gesture, and reminded once again that it all begins with our own will.

Thank you for your suggestions and concerns, dear backers, and for your passion toward our project.

Let’s do this together!  We’re so blessed to be in this with you.

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