In Depth Interview With Megumi Sasaki

by kiki

Hi everyone!

Last week, I promised you an in-depth interview with Megumi about all that makes her the filmmaker she is today.  What was her upbringing like in Japan, and where did she get her start?  Why and how did she become a filmmaker?

I had the privilege of sitting with her for an hour-and-a-half to discuss everything from her greatest inspiration (hint: an internationally renowned Japanese author with the initials HM) to her experience creating HERB & DOROTHY, to what advice she has for people who dream of becoming filmmakers themselves?

And, how does she really feel about the Kickstarter campaign?

Finally, what does she believe her greatest talent to be?  (Yes, I threw some difficult questions in there.)

Today, on Schema Magazine, Megumi’s interview is freshly featured.  We hope you’ll take a look!  And bring some tea or coffee or wine.  It’s definitely a long, detailed read.

Hope you enjoy it.  See you tomorrow!


photo by yu nakajima




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