Third Time’s The Charm

Thank you for visiting the HERB & DOROTHY blog!  We’re sorry to disappoint all of you who visited today hoping to find our Kickstarter launch.

We sure didn’t see this coming, as everything was ready to go.  Ready, set, …unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control have forced us to reschedule our launch until next Wednesday, September 7th.  But we truly believe this is for the best.

We postponed the first time due to turmoil in the stock market in mid-August.  Not exactly an opportune time for fundraising.  The second time, there was a hurricane on the horizon on the East Coast, though thankfully, it was not as massively damaging as predicted.

Third time’s the charm.

Launching a Kickstarter Campaign for a project we are passionate about takes detailed preparation, finesse, and just the right amount of luck.  We’re set on next Wednesday, September 7th to be our lucky day.  Unless something completely unimaginable happens (all fingers and toes are crossed), we will see you at the kickoff!

Check back here for updates, as well as our Facebook page for the absolute latest.  We so look forward to beginning this journey with each and every one of you!

Thank you,


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