Fall Beauty and Openings This Week

central park in october

By Kiki Murai

What a gorgeous start to the week!

Fall in New York City is splendid in an incredulous kind of way. When most days of the year you’re either too hot or too cold, it feels like Christmas morning each day we wake up to what can be defined as perfect weather. But like Christmas, the magic comes and then it goes in a flash.  We’re bracing for some cold later this week, as all the weather folks on television promise a drop into the low 40s for the first time this season.  (And so it starts.)

Still, I’ve been looking up hot apple cider recipes and finding ways to bring ‘baking’ into my life, a foreign concept, but what’s life if not for adventure and discovery in the everyday? That’s what Herb and Dorothy have taught me anyway.

For those of you in these following cities, you can get a taste of Herb & Dorothy in the theater with the arrival of our new film, HERB & DOROTHY 50X50.

Here are our openings and continued screenings this week:


TULSA, OK @ Circle Cinema  (See details here)

  • Through Thursday, October 24

SEDONA, AZ @ Mary D. Fisher Theatre (See details here – scroll down page after clicking)

  • Oct 23 (Wed) 3:00pm and Oct 24 (Thurs) 7:00pm only

BELLINGHAM, WA @ Pickford Film Center (See details here)

  • Oct 27 only at 12:00pm

WINSTON SALEM, NC @ a/perture cinema (See details here)

  • Oct 27 (Sun) 2:30pm only


And next week, we’ll be opening in Ogden, Fort Worth, and Miami!  
Stay warm (or cool) wherever you are, and please do continue to share your thoughts and comments about our new film on our Twitter or Facebook pages. 
Megumi arrived home to New York late last night from Oklahoma City, and will be taking another 14-hour flight back to Japan this Thursday. Even Dorothy marvels, “I don’t know how she does it.”  
She won’t be making any US appearances this week, but I hope you’ll join us in Buffalo on November 8th, her next scheduled appearance, with artist Charlie Clough and Chief Curator of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Doug Dreishpoon.  We will fill you in on details, of course, as the date nears. (If you’re ahead of the game, details are here.)
Have a spectacular fall or spring, whichever season surrounds you.  As always, thank you for spreading the word, and the Herb & Dorothy love.
See you in the theaters!


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