Megumi Traveling Here, There and Everywhere

By Kiki Murai

As we continue on this journey with our new film HERB & DOROTHY 50X50, we’d like to shout our thanks from the rooftops. Or in Megumi’s case, from the seat of her plane, high above the clouds.

As you can see from our social media updates and newsletters and blog posts, Megumi has been traveling as much as her time and body (yoga-maintained as it may be) would allow since mid-September, to meet supporters in as many cities as humanly possible.

around the us

San Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, Gloucester, Washington DC and now…she’s in Tokyo as we write this on a Monday, she’ll be back in New York on Wednesday, then in Oklahoma this coming Saturday. And next Thursday, she will be back in Japan. All together now? Exhaaaaaaale.

During production on the film, Megumi used to say that only about 10% of filmmaking is actually making of the film – meaning the filming and the editing. It’s the before and after that tests the degree of one’s patience and willpower.

As anyone who has ever attempted to shoot a film knows, before (and all throughout) the creation is of course, the fundraising. The mind-boggling assembling of enough funds to sustain you and the team as you throw yourself into this project…that truth be told, nobody might care about. That in itself is frightening enough a concept to keep you in bed every morning.

True, Megumi had a humble-beginnings-turned-massively-loved film in her pocket called HERB & DOROTHY that assured her that people, most likely, would in fact care about her new film, also about the beloved Vogels.

But let’s now put ourselves in Megumi’s shoes when she was making that first film, HERB & DOROTHY, shall we? Okay. Moving on.

After the film is completed, the filmmaker travels the world to show both fans and non-fans (yet) this new creation. Sometimes (okay, oftentimes), this new film is mistaken for her first film, and she must keep informing them, “Yes, this is a new film.”

When circumstances allow, Dorothy joins Megumi on these trips. This journey has been a partnership between these two women, especially after Herb passed away last July.

We were all disappointed when Dorothy’s biannual trip to Washington DC and the National Gallery of Art (NGA) was canceled two weekends ago due to the government shutdown.  Dorothy was to join Megumi for a Q&A at the West End Cinema in Washington DC (where the film plays until this Thursday).  Nevertheless, Megumi and artist Marty Johnson were welcomed warmly by the audience, for which Megumi expressed more than a little joy. Thank you to all who came!

Megumi’s next trip in the US is coming up this weekend, October 19-20. She will be in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, her first trip to Oklahoma in at least 10 years. (The last time she went to Oklahoma, she was on assignment for NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster.)

So if you’re in or near those two cities, please join Megumi for a Q&A on the following dates:

– TULSA (10/19 Sat) @ Circle Cinema Q&A after the 7pm show (Click here for details) -  The film opens 10/18!

– OKLAHOMA CITY (10/20 Sun) @ Oklahoma City Museum of Art Q&A after the 2pm show  (Click here for details)  - The film screens 10/17-10/20!

After Oklahoma, Megumi will jet back to Japan for several speaking commitments, and then she’ll be back stateside for a trip to Buffalo in November. As always, we will keep you updated on her whereabouts, and of course let you know when Dorothy will be joining her.

In the meantime, we have many more openings of HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 between now and December. Please mark your calendars and join us when the film comes to your city!

Thank you for your continued support, and keep, keep spreading the Herb and Dorothy love!

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