HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 Opening in 18 Cities This Week!


Hello friends of Herb and Dorothy!  Greetings from the road!

HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 will open THIS WEEK in 18 cities around the US! And the tour continues for Dorothy and Megumi, who will also be making a virtual stop in Hartford, CT this coming weekend.

Here is the appearance schedule for Dorothy and Megumi this week:

Boston, MA – Wednesday, October 2nd 
Following 8:00pm show – Q&A with Megumi (Details here.)

Gloucester, MA – Thursday, October 3rd
Following 7:30pm show – Q&A with Megumi (Details here.)

Washington DC – Friday, October 4th & Saturday, October 5th
FRI:  Following 7:20pm show – Q&A with Megumi & artist Martin Johnson (Details here.)
SAT:  Following the 2:20pm show – Q&A with Megumi (Details here.)
Before the 4:32pm show – Introduction by Megumi (Details here.)

dorothy skypeHartford, CT – Sunday, October 6th

Following the 2:30pm show – Skype Q&A with Dorothy and Megumi (Details here.)

And here are all 18 openings this week:

Milwaukee, WI (UWM Union Theatre) – tonight (10/2) only  (Details here.)

Columbus, OH (Gateway Film Center) – through 10/3  (Details here.)

Honolulu, HI (Honolulu Museum of Art) – through 10/3  (Details here.)

Boston, MA (Museum of Fine Arts Boston) – 10/2-10/6 and 10/9-10/10 only  (Details here.)

Houston, TX (Museum of Fine Arts Houston) – 10/3, 10/10 and 10/12 only  (Details here.)

Akron, OH (Akron Art Museum) – 10/3 only  (Details here.)

Gloucester, MA (Cape Ann Community Cinema) – 10/3 and 10/8-10/10  (Details here.)

Seattle, WA (Northwest Film Forum) – opening 10/4  (Details here.)

Hartford, CT (Real Art Ways) – opening 10/4  (Details here.)

Providence, RI (Cable Car Cinema) – opening 10/4  (Details here.)

Washington DC (West End Cinema) – opening 10/4  (Details here.)

Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Museum of Art) – 10/4 and 10/6  (Details here.)

Ithaca, NY (Cornell Cinema) – 10/4 and 10/8  (Details here.)

Lambertville, NJ (ACME Screening Room) – 10/4-10/6 only  (Details here.)

Toms River, NJ (Traco Theater) – 10/4-10/10 only  (Details here.)

St. Johnsbury, VT (Catamount Arts) – 10/4-10/10   (Details here.)

San Diego, CA (Media Arts Center San Diego) – 10/5 and 10/8 only  (Details here.)

New Haven, CT (Yale University Art Gallery) – 10/6 only (Details here.)

See you at the theater!

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