Sold Out Friday! (But There’s Still Tonight)

By Kiki Murai

“I’m sorry, our 7:30pm show is sold out.”

“Herb & Dorothy 50×50 is sold out.”


We heard these words repeated over and over through the box office microphone at the IFC Center last night, beginning at about 6pm (or possibly earlier).  Our hearts ached a bit as we saw the disappointed looks on the faces of our potential filmgoers, but we were able to exchange words with a few of them, and many promised they would be back today.

That’s the kind of night it was. A marvelous turnout.


A Night at the Cinema

Special guests Christo and Marty Johnson graced us with their presence at two separate Q&As. Thank you to Christo and Marty for taking the time out of your busy schedules to appear for our film. We’re truly grateful.

megumi and christo

Megumi with Christo

megumi and marty

Megumi with Marty Johnson

Throughout the evening, our team received many congratulatory words and hugs and kisses (and tweets).

“It was a lovely night at the movies,” an audience member told us as she left the theater with her daughter, who wanted to donate money to our film in any way she could.

A passerby who had not known about this new film stopped in her tracks when she saw our poster. “I saw the first one and loved it. Is this a new one?”

I assured her it was. “I will definitely be back to see it,” she replied. When it’s not sold out.

Our friends who hung out in Greenwich Village though they couldn’t get a ticket to the show, just so they could celebrate with us after the night ended.

Just a few fave moments from last night, our delightful friends, tweeters and Facebookers IRL (in real life).

There is nothing like a real smile to make our night.

And thank you to the IFC Center for welcoming us all so warmly, helping us set up tables outside for our posters and DVDs (and the popular Lawrence Weiner sketchbook), saving us from hunger by sharing some popcorn with us, and just being so very cool and kind.

If you couldn’t get a ticket last night, be back today for Q&As with filmmaker Megumi Sasaki, Montclair Art Museum chief curator Gail Stavitsky and artist Charles Clough, as well as tonight with Dorothy Vogel!

The appearance schedule can be seen here.

See you very very soon!

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