On Premiere Day – We Say Thank You.

By Kiki Murai

Our stomachs are fluttering. The cream cheese we had this morning may not be agreeing with us today, or perhaps, it’s that our film HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 is opening today at IFC Center in New York City. That could be it.

At the same time…

We’re getting so much love on Twitter and Facebook right now, they’re enough to transform our quivery smiles (and butterfly stomachs) into ear-to-ear grins (and…what?).

We wish we can thank you each in person (and we’ve been trying wherever we can – especially here for individual outbursts of gratitude), but if we haven’t virtually high-fived or hugged you yet, it’s not intentional. We’re so grateful to you!

Please do continue to spread the word over the weekend (and beyond), as there are still 40 cities following New York City. (Seen here – is your city listed? We sure hope so.)

If you have a screening coming up in your area, start warming up those tweeting muscles!

As we send out our last-minute emails, make postcard deliveries and carry posters to the theater today, here are some recent reviews of HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 that have given us joy this week.

At the incomparable Village Voice, Chris Klimek writes:

Village Voice Photo













“It’s an absorbing document of an extraordinary act of generosity.

Her [Sasaki's] follow-up is about the couple’s controversial decision to divide their collection, giving 50 pieces to a museum in each U.S. state. The result was at least 50 dramas, only a few of which Sasaki can cover in 85 minutes.

The film is at its best when it examines the impact of the Vogels’ selections on audiences unaccustomed to confronting abstract art.”


On the great rogerebert.com, Peter Sobczynski wrote:

rogerebert.com photo


“As the film watches the overseeing the distribution of their collection, the film quietly but effectively raises questions about the very nature of art collection and what responsibilities, if any, collectors have towards their purchases.

Some of the most amusing moments come from seeing the ways in which the donated art challenges those who have come to see them in their new surroundings. Some may be experiencing modern art for the very first time. Young children seem to respond the best, maybe because they have not yet been conditioned to think of abstract art as weird or difficult. The adults are more of a mixed bag. Some find a deep connection with the pieces. Others shrug them off. One man says, “I tend to like the ones that are a little more finished.”

As the saying goes, I may not know art, but I know what I like. I like this movie.”


I know what I like. That’s exactly what Herb and Dorothy said.

There are so many more reviews and blog posts we wish we could share about the film and the Vogels. We’ve been reading them all, and thank you for expressing your thoughts – the good, the mixed, the not-so-much. This discussion is what art is all about, and we love the conversation the Vogels have started.

Deep breath… and here we go. So glad you’re here.

No matter what happens – today on premiere day, we say…thank you.

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