Thank You For An Amazing Start!

Hi, Art Lovers!

First, from all of us at Team Herb & Dorothy, thank you.  We know this is only the second day of our Kickstarter campaign, but we are absolutely over the moon!  ‘Stunned’ is more accurate, at the response you’ve shown us and this project…we passed $3000 in the first DAY!

Your generosity astounds us.  Not to mention the comments, likes, retweets, and all around love you’re passing on.

The night before we launched the campaign, we were all so nervous we couldn’t sleep.  We believe in the film, and more than anything we believe in Herb & Dorothy, but the fear of What if nobody shows up? kept us wide awake.

Well, you’ve proven us wrong, and we’re delighted.  We know it’s ONLY the second day, and we’ve still got a long way to go to reach our goal, but we just wanted to make sure to voice our joy, our surprise, and commitment to you.  And to bringing you an incredible film in HERB & DOROTHY 50X50.

Thank you for an amazing start!  And help us keep spreading the word!

With bursting hearts,

Team Herb and Dorothy

Fly To Our Kickstarter Page here!

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