Your Chance to meet Dorothy, Megumi and Very Special Guests

By Kiki Murai

Hello friends! We’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog since our little series about Dorothy’s trip to Japan (a series Dorothy loved and we’re still getting lots of comments on – thank you!), but let me assure you, things have not been so quiet at HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 Headquarters.

Poster 50X50

With only 9 days until our New York Premiere at IFC Center on September 13, we’re on the edge of our seats.

All eyes are on opening weekend, which may (actually, will) determine the destiny of this film. Fingers and toes are crossed that we’ve done (or are doing) our job of letting enough people know about this film.

Thank you to those of you who are helping us!

Get tickets while you can – the sneak preview of HERB & DOROTHY 50X50 that was held at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts a few weeks ago – in a gorgeous auditorium that seats 500 people – sold out quickly, and they were having to turn people away at the door.

(Thank you to those who came to the Richmond screening!  If you weren’t able to get in, the film is now opening at Criterion Cinemas in Richmond on October 11.  We heard from many of you who gently urged us to have a theatrical opening in the city, and our awesome-and-brilliant team was on it immediately.  We’re a very small team, you see, and we hear your voices.

And what we heard from you was a resounding yes. So Richmond, here we come!)

But first.  New York City on September 13th. We’d love to soar through opening weekend, that is our not-so-secret wish!

If you’re in or around New York City the weekend of September 13-15, please join us.  We have exciting Q&As planned for you all weekend, with Megumi and Dorothy in attendance to answer your questions, along with incredible guest artists and curators.


  • Martin Johnson

When: Friday, September 13 – 5:20pm Show (Post-show Q&A with Megumi) –  Tickets here.

Dorothy recently visited Martin Johnson’s studio during her visit to Richmond, and saw this work in person. You too will get a close look at Martin’s studio in our film, and his life as both artist and successful businessman (in a field unrelated to art).

Optimized-Marty 2

Read Martin Johnson’s bio here, and see some of his artworks in the Vogel Collection here.


  • Christo

When: Friday, September 13 – 7:30pm Show ( Pre-show appearance) - Tickets here.

You may remember the scene from our first film HERB & DOROTHY, when Herb and Dorothy went to see Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s project The Gates in Central Park.

The Gates Central Park

Close friends of the Vogels for decades, Christo discusses his new project Over the River in our new film.


Read all about Christo and Jeanne-Claude here.  


  • Pat Steir

When: Saturday, September 14 – 5:20pm Show (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)  - Tickets here.

You may also remember from the first film, this scene with a long-time friend of the Vogels, Pat Steir.

With Pat Steir

Many artworks by Pat Steir hung in the Vogels’ apartment for years. Pat discusses her friendship with the Vogels in the new film, and will be joining us for an in-person Q&A on September 14.

Read Pat Steir’s bio here, and see a selection of her artworks in the Vogel Collection here.


  • Charles Clough

When: Saturday, September 14 – 5:20pm Show (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)  - Tickets here.

Herb and Dorothy have collected over 500 of Charlie’s works over the years. Charlie appears here in what our early viewers have named one of the most moving scenes of our new film.

Charlie Clough

Read Charles Clough’s bio here, and see a selection of his artworks in the Vogel Collection here.


  • Gail Stavitsky

When: Saturday, September 14 – 3:10pm Show (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)  - Tickets here.

Gail is the Chief Curator at Montclair Art Museum, the Vogel 50X50 gift recipient in New Jersey. If you remember, the Vogels launched an unprecedented gift project that distributes 50 works from their collection to one museum in each of the 50 states, for a total of 2,500 works.  

Here in this video, you can see what effect the gift had on Montclair Art Museum, as Gail and artist Robert Barry begin the clip by discussing how to install his work.

In the scene below, Gail and Herb (along with the wonderful museum staff) watch the Vogel works being installed at the Montclair Art Museum.

New Jersey Montclair Museum13 (2)

  • ————————————–

  • Dorothy Vogel



Saturday, September 14 – 7:30pm Show  (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)

Saturday, September 14 – 9:40pm Show (Pre-show introduction with Megumi)

Sunday, September 15 – 3:10pm Show  (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)

Sunday, September 15 – 5:20pm Show (Post-show Q&A with Megumi)


Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter, where we share and discuss how Dorothy is doing these days in anticipation of the film’s opening. Hint: she’s excited.

See you at IFC Center next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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